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My love for dogs occurred in early childhood. I had waited for long a time to get my parents permission to get a dog. Finally, in 1986. I'm getting my first dog- German Boxer called Brik. With Brik I've started to go to dog shows and I've become member of Croatia Kennel Club and Boxer Club Zagreb. We spent 16 memorable years together, and after Brik passed away my hunsband and I decided to buy a new big house with large garden for a new dog.
Our new dog was Labrador Retriever called Obi (pedigree name: Astor). We fell in love with Labradors so after a short time another Labrador came to our house – black female Hera (pedigree name: Velvet Look Tankaram).
Once again we find ourselves at dog shows, and we meet many owners and breeders of different breeds and we become very good  friends ..  Thanks to them we got interested not only in beauty competition but also in working trials. It's amazing watching retrievers doing their natural purpose as a working hunting dog. At this point we've became active members of Retreiver Club Zagreb, and afterwards Retriever Club of Croata. Hera did some fantastic results at shows and in the fields.
At International Show in Dortmund 2005. we fell in love with the breed which wasn't very famous in our part of Europe- Bichon Havanais. Right after we came back home I started to learn more about havanaises. In a short time our family got another member- cute little Spotty who came from one of the best and oldest kennel in Europe. Thank you Anja on this amazing bitch!
In 2007 I became an active member of Bichon Club Zagreb.
There's still a lot of work and learning that must be done, but we're enjoying every moment spent with this beautiful breed.
All our successes at shows and in breeding you can see at this web page. Welcome!


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